Building Better Relationships for Better Health Outcomes

Monday, December 05, 2022

Why Patient/Doctor Relationship Building is Better Business:

Studies show that an effective doctor/patient relationship can improve health outcomes. Why? Because patients who relate to and trust their care team are more likely to share their health goals and challenges, engage with the provider, and adhere to a treatment plan. 

For organizations who believe in the value of improving the patient experience through patient-centered care, the key to success is strong patient/doctor relationships. 

By focusing value-based care transformation initiatives on strengthening these relationships, provider organizations are creating business value that allows them to invest more fully in patient care and provider support. More so than other important supporting requirements such as technology adoption or coding training ever could.  

  • Provider motivation and retention is improved—driving an improved patient experience
  • Patient satisfaction and loyalty are improved––driving a positive market reputation and patient panel growth
  • Quality of care is improved and medical care costs are lowered—driving larger financial rewards for organizations operating under value-based care arrangements

Each thing leads to the next. But it all starts with a focus on the patient/doctor relationship.

How to Make Relationship Building Your North Star:

Systematically improving this key relationship in a complex operating environment requires a culture of patient-centered service enabled by a variety of capabilities. The organization’s focus with pretty much everything it does or implements should be on how it improves the likelihood that the patient has a quality experience at every touch.  

To start, providers and administrative teams need to develop and practice positive “soft” people skills. Patients highly value an experience that delivers a sense of empathy, understanding, trust and shared decision-making. Training programs that enhance this are critical.

Beyond the people skills, consistently delivering a superior experience also requires several capabilities and processes:

  • Know the patient—maintain a robust consumer database that helps you leverage consumer analytics to identify and support patient segments based on healthcare needs and preferences
  • Know your providers—maintain a provider database with supporting analytics to measure provider performance and support digital consumer channels
  • Match patients and providers—leverage consumer preferences and provider preferences, expertise, services and availability to improve likelihood of bonding success
  • Personalize omni-channel communications—drive focused and prioritized patient acquisition and healthcare engagement
  • Measure the patient experience—identify improvement opportunities based on detailed and timely patient feedback 
  • Manage your resources—optimize your investment in valuable staff via patient attribution to care teams and provider panel management

How Lucerna Health Can Help:

Is your organization ready to make practical operational changes to improve the doctor/patient relationship that positively impacts health and business outcomes? 

The combination of the HITRUST Certified Lucerna data management and analytics platform and our highly-regarded patient acquisition, engagement and operational insight services are just what you need to ensure success.   

Our data-driven Patient Relationship Building operating model will help you understand––and exceed––patient needs and preferences. Your healthcare team will appreciate this approach to advancing your value-based care initiatives because it supports a favorable clinical performance environment.

Contact us today to get started on a better tomorrow.