Case Study: How Lucerna Health helps healthcare customers uncover new insights using Amazon QuickSight

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

At Lucerna Health, data is at the heart of our business. Every day, we use clinical, sales, and operational data to help healthcare providers and payers grow and succeed in the value-based care (VBC) environment. Through our HITRUST CSF® certified Healthcare Data Platform, we support payer-provider integration, health engagement, database marketing, and VBC operations.

As our business grew, we found that faster real-time analysis and reporting capabilities through our platform were critical to success. However, that was a challenge for our data analytics team, which was busier than ever developing our proprietary data engine and data model. 

No matter how many dashboards we built, we knew we could never keep up with user demand with our previous BI solutions. We needed a more scalable technology that could grow as our customer base continued to expand.

Find out how we overcome these challenges—read the entire case study on the AWS website.

“Having Amazon QuickSight embedded in our Insights Portal provides a powerful, fully configurable capability with advanced security, scale and analytics—for us and our clients,” says David Atkins, Lucerna’s COO. “It really extends our product suite to allow movement from insights to action.”