Technology: making your data work for you

Fully managed and secure data orchestration, healthcare analytics and integration platform that creates actionable insight and connects your processes and vendors—improving consumer experience, operational and VBC performance.


Streamline and automate data exchange for easy access to insights

The Integration Hub enables data ingestion from any source and bi-directional sharing of data from any source across your ecosystem through secure data exchange, direct database micro-batch processing and real-time API integrations.

  • Highly configurable data orchestration framework
  • Advanced data mapping and transformations
  • Real-time and event driven data processing
  • Efficient data operations and SLA monitoring


Process and access your data and be ready for action

Built for high-performance and rapid throughput of any scale data leveraging leading cloud technology. Our powerful normalization features, powered by machine learning, develops aggregated trusted data ready for timely and powerful analytics.

  • Multi-use case unified healthcare data model
  • Powerful data governance and quality features
  • User-friendly development environment to conduct ad hoc advanced analytics
  • Easily define cohorts and execute governed business rules at scale
  • Build custom AI/ML models and deploy to production


Use our insight or create your own

Insights Portal allows you to create and visualize practical insight that drives measurable value. The platform includes an embedded BI solution to easily leverage the data models.

  • Lucerna pre-built and custom dashboards
  • Customer dashboard development without the use of IT resources or data scientists
  • Rapid time to analysis and reporting from simple to complex use cases
  • Securely publish custom interactive dashboards across your organization


Specialized databases, models and connectivity to optimize consumer engagement

Ensure a full view of your consumers and operations enabling Lucerna or your organization to drive value through sophisticated consumer outreach and engagement program.

  • Expansive databases that include consumer and provider profiles supporting acquisition, healthcare delivery and financial prioritization
  • Databases designed to work with marketing automation platforms and support marketers
  • Integrations to systems such as EMRs and CRMs
  • Lucerna platform integrated with leading marketing automation solution


Reliable performance and transparent data operations to manage your data as a strategic asset

Simple and intuitive user interface that enables Lucerna or your system administrators, data stewards, and non-engineers to easily manage and monitor the platform, so your teams can focus analytics and value creation.

  • Single interface to control the system end-to-end
  • Manage user security and overall system infrastructure
  • Centralized real-time monitoring of system performance and data flows
  • Expert guidance from implementation to adoption and optimization