Leap VBC OS: making your data work for you

Our platform offers modern, scalable, and secure data orchestration, healthcare analytics, and integration capabilities. It creates actionable insights and connects your processes and vendors.

Leap VBS OS is available as a PaaS with implementation support and training, or as a managed service for your convenience.


Effortlessly consolidate fragmented healthcare data

Built for high performance leveraging leading cloud technology, the Data Hub enables data ingestion from any source and bi-directional data sharing across your ecosystem. Our powerful normalization powered by machine learning delivers aggregated, trusted data ready for timely and powerful analytics.

  • Multi-use case unified healthcare data model
  • Real-time and event-driven data processing
  • Highly configurable data orchestration framework
  • Advanced data mapping and transformations
  • Powerful data catalog and quality features


Empower your organization with the tools they need to take action and make informed decisions

Easily build custom analytics and visualize actionable insight that drives measurable value. The platform includes an embedded BI solution to publish insights to your organization.

  • Unified analytics framework purpose-built for healthcare
  • Easily define cohorts and execute governed business rules 
  • Build custom AI/ML models and deploy to production
  • Dashboard development without IT resources or data scientists
  • Rapid time to analysis and reporting 
  • Securely publish custom interactive dashboards 


Establish a single source of truth for all of your healthcare data

Comprehensive provider database application creating an accurate view of your providers, locations and services. Maintaining a detailed view drives your resource management processes for efficiency and enables your digital assets including websites and patient applications.

  • Complete, current and comprehensive provider registry at the individual and care team levels
  • User friendly interface to support ongoing management of your database
  • Configurable models to attribute patients to care teams for VBC performance management 
  • Data connectivity to digital assets and vendors


Ensure personalized experiences with a unified data foundation

Comprehensive consumer database application creating an enriched and unified single source of truth. Knowing everything you need to know about each consumer is a powerful use of your data to advance health consumerism.

  • Identity resolution matches consumer identities across multiple sources to create a single profile for each consumer
  • Golden record provides a complete and enriched view of the patient or member
  • ML models help you predict actions to improve patient experience, engagement, and retention
  • Specialized databases, models, and connectivity to drive smart omnichannel engagement


Experience reliable performance and transparent data operations to effectively manage your data as a strategic asset

Simple and intuitive user interface that enables Lucerna or your system administrators, data stewards, and non-engineers to easily manage and monitor the platform, so your teams can focus analytics and value creation.

  • Single interface to control the system end-to-end
  • Manage user security and overall system infrastructure
  • Centralized real-time monitoring of system performance and data flows
  • Expert guidance from implementation to adoption and optimization