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Technology, service solutions and a proven playbook to help you advance your strategies and improve performance. 

VBC Growth Platform


HITRUST CSF certified operating system, including powerful data management, integrations across your ecosystem and analytic enablement capabilities to close your process loop for results. Available as PaaS and supports our engagement, value-based care activation and operational efficiency services. 

  • Data Management
  • Integration
  • Actionable Insight
  • Consumer 360
  • Provider 360

Provider Performance

Powered by Leap, we provide actionable insight, practical tools and services to drive improved VBC and provider operational performance. More than innovative software, we help drive smart process changes that improve outcomes that matter.

  • Patient experience improvement
  • Provider performance insight & management
  • VBC performance insight
  • Operational performance enablement
Providers Performance
Happy Family
Engagement Response Rate
Engagement Scores
Engagement Chatting

Patient Engagement

Health industry expertise, combined with the power of Leap, allows us to manage innovative omnichannel campaigns to acquire and engage consumers across a broad range of healthcare use cases. Using a combination of sophisticated targeting, best messages, and omnichannel outreach journeys for the individual consumer, we move consumers to action and improve results for our clients. 

  • Insight-Driven Playbook
  • Smart Consumer Outreach Journeys
  • Proven Campaign Catalog