Enhance Your Consumer Experience

Net Promoter Dashboard and Google search example

Customer Experience

We launch automated surveys to learn how the consumer experience went, manage reputation and enhance our database so you’ll know your customers better.

  • Post visit surveys (CHAPS and NPS)
  • Lost customer surveys
  • Interactive insight dashboards to identify improvement opportunities
  • Targeted campaigns to leverage insights

Patient-Provider Matching 

We operationalize a comprehensive provider database and work with you on business rules to help patients pick a provider that meets their preferences while directing them to the right provider based on your operational needs.

  • Improved show rates and satisfaction
  • Improved provider operational efficiency
  • Selection filters and on-line booking with the help of our Lucerna Support Network partner

Provider Profile

  • Demographics
  • Appointment types booking
  • Availability
  • Care teams
  • Cost and quality performance
  • Patient satisfaction

Facility Profile

  • Location
  • Hours of operation
  • Care teams & services
  • Capacity
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Google Analytics

Consumer Profile

  • Demographics
  • Preferences (payer and provider)
  • Enriched contact data
  • Closest location by service
  • Care team history
  • Health status outputs from payer and provider population health analytics
  • Engagement score
  • Health plan benefits
  • Payer-provider contract