About us

How we got here

We have deep and complementary health plan and provider practice experience. As we visit with health plans and support a large and growing international provider organization, we see the real-world challenges in realizing the benefit and competitive advantage that winning the value-based care transformation race can bring. We leverage our experience and strategic partnership ecosystem to help the right organizations move healthcare forward.

What we believe

At Lucerna Health, we believe true alliances between provider organizations and forward-looking payers supported by an integrated value-based care operating process is an effective way to advance the transformation to value-based care, actually walking the talk. Alliances that integrate data, analytics, processes and services are required. Providers must understand and engage with their patients better and effectively coordinate care across the system while also managing the business of healthcare, a mini-insurance company.

What we do

We help establish and manage transparent win-win relationships between the payer and the healthcare provider. From there, we provide an end-to-end value-based care (VBC) operating system for busy provider practices to help them manage the business of healthcare while they focus on delivering patient-centered care. This approach integrates the VBC economic terms and patient analytics (providing insight), optimizes care and communications campaigns (relevant engagement) and helps manage the processes across the practice (practical logistics).